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"Tiffany & Co. New York" is engraved on the blade and also on a silver plaque attached to the scabbard of this fine presentation sword. The pommel is topped with a large eagle. The grips are of silver with twisted brass wire. The gold wash blade has a panel containing a spread winged eagle with e pluribus unum and a panel with a large US. The scabbard is gold plated over German silver with engraved mounts typical of Tiffany. The drag has the engraved intertwined US and the bold cast US at the tip. The presentation on this sword reads "Presented to /Lieut. Wm. S. Marble by the Veterans of Co. H 7th C.V." The 7th Connecticut Volunteers attacked Fort Wagner just prior to the attack by the 54th Massachusetts as seen in the movie "Glory".


A very high quality presentation grade 1850 Staff Officer's sword by Horstman Philadelphia. The extra rich guard has an enormous US cast between its branches and two small rubies in the knuckle bow. The grip is of silver as is the plating on the steel scabbard. The scabbard mounts are heavy cast brass with stands of arms and acorns with oak leaves on the drag. The blade engraving contains US flags, stands of arms, a large US and the maker "W. H. Horstman/and sons/Philadelphia".


A very rare carved ivory grip depicting Lady Liberty holding a US shield and laurel wreath. Superbly cast pommel with acorn finial and bust of Lady Liberty. It has a massive beaded guard with a huge panoply of arms consisting of cannon, mortar, drum, bugle, musket and sword interwoven through a large US. The engraved blade has a stand of arms, US shield, an eagle with e pluribus unum and a US pommel. It is marked W. Clauberg Solingen and iron proof. The German silver scabbard is engraved with acorns and oak leaves and the presentation "Presented to/ S.A.Raymond Student of Yale College in testimony of his being the most/skillful swordsman and one of the most accomplished/gentleman in the Class of by Maj. Wm. Beatty."

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