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A non-regulation 7th PA Cavalry officers saber. Brass guard has eagle clasping US. Shield positioned in front of flags, stars and oak leaves. The blade is engraved with an unstopped fuller imported from Europe. The presentation runs down the backstrap of the grip. The iron scabbard has fancy mounts and drag.


This is a very attractive non-regulation cavalry officers sword. It has a relief cast eagle and seven stars in the guard. The blade again is a European import with an unstopped fuller. It is engraved with an American eagle / US / Flags and trophies. The scabbard is iron with engraved brass mounts and drag.


This is a model 1850 staff and field officers sword. It is included here with the cavalry officers sword because it has a curved cavalry style blade. This was obviously made for a mounted officer. Blade is etched with trophies, stacks of arms and floral decorations and is marked W. H. Horstmann / & Sons / Philadelphia. Scabbard is iron with brass mounts.

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