Portrait of Major General Fitzhugh Lee

Portrait of Fitz Lee

Portrait of Major General Fitzhugh Lee

Major General Fitzhugh Lee – The Nephew of General Robert E. Lee and also the nephew of General Samuel Cooper,
both top Confederate Generals. As a graduate of West Point class of 1856 he served in the 2nd U.S. Cavalry.
He was wounded fighting Indians in Texas and later, resigned his commission in the Union Army in May 1861 to remain loyal to
his native state of Virginia. He participated at Bull Run, J.E.B., Stewarts ride around McClellan’s army,
Seven Days Battle, South Mountain, Antietam, Kelly’s Ford, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Spotsylvania.
At Appomattox, he busted through Union defenses to avoid surrendering with Robert E. Lee’s Army.
 He surrendered two days later.

In the Spanish American War he again served his country in a Blue uniform, as a Major General of Volunteers.

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