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M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber - " Ames - clone"

M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber -  " Ames - clone"

Item #: SJM386

M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber -  " Ames - clone".

Year made: 1860-1865
Made in: Unknown
Maker: Unknown
Model: M 1860 Cavalry Officer
Size: 34.75
Grade: VG

 USA/Canada - $24 per Item
 Europe - $48 per Item
 APAC - $48 per Item
 S,Cent America - $48 per Item


Price: $2,850 USD

M 1860 Cavalry Officer Saber -  " Ames - clone".  This is the exact saber in John Thillman's Civil War Cavalry and Artillery Sabers color section.  In the color section John referred to this saber as a Ames transitional saber as it has a wide 1840 style blade and 1840 style grip,  but has the Ames 1860 guard and etch pattern.  After the book was published John came to the conclusion that this saber was the best counterfeit Ames he had ever seen and this style of patent infringment was discussed in his book. 
It is felt that the guard may actually be an Ames based on the quality of casting.   The guard is cast as an Ames 1860 style guard with fine cast spread winged eagle cast into the quillion.  Sharkskin grip and wire are in excellent condition.
Blade etch is light and the blade has staining in several spots.  Obverse blade etch is foliate / stand of arms / eagle with epu ribbon / foliate.  Reverse etch is foliate / US / stand of arms / foliate.
Steel scabbard has a mellow patina and brass throat, carry bands and drag have traces of gilt and use.

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