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Navy, non-regulation Eagle Pommel w/ folding guard

Navy, non-regulation Eagle Pommel w/ folding guard

Item #: SG400

Eagle hilt with Eagle over Anchor guard, ray skin grip & folding counter guard

Year made: C1850
Made in: Philadelphia
Maker: Horstmann, W.H. & Sons
Model: Non-Regulation Eagle pommel
Size: 26.5 inch blade
Grade: Excellent+

 USA/Canada - $24 per Item
 Europe - $48 per Item
 APAC - $48 per Item
 S,Cent America - $48 per Item


Price: $7,500 USD

A massive Eagle resides as the pommel of this fine sword with it's feathers trailing down the backstrap to the guard. Five branches join the knuckle bow and there is a slot for the sword knot. A spread winged eagle resting on an anchor forms the guard design. The quillon is an acorn. The grip is ray skin with three strands of twisted copper wire. The center wire being dragoon twist.The quill back blade is etched with W.H. Horstmann  /  & Sons with foliate, a sailing ship, scroll work, United States Navy, foliate, a seaweed tangled trident and oar and ends with fancy scrolls.The reverse has a shell design with Philadelphia, foliate, an anchor surrounded with rays, an American Eagle with E. PU a torch, scrolls with a lobster and trident. The scabbard is back seamed leather with engraved brass mounts. The top mound has a wreath and edge engraving. The middle mount has  matching edge engraving with a large fouled anchor and the drag has acorn and oak leaf engraving. The drag blade is "U" shaped with serifs and a ball on the bottom.