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Round Wreath - Militia Cap Insignia / AHA / 1638

Round Wreath - Militia Cap Insignia / AHA / 1638

Item #: CHR333

From The Collection Of James (Chuck) Hart

Year made: c1850
Made in: -
Maker: -
Model: -
Size: 3 inches
Grade: VG+

 USA/Canada - $10 per Item
 Europe - $20 per Item
 APAC - $20 per Item
 S,Cent America - $20 per Item


Price: $275 USD

This Massachusetts Militia round wreath is gilt die-struck brass, measuring 3 inches around with 5 brass wires.  Fastened in the center are the letters and numbers - AHA/1638 - "ANCIENT & HONORABLE ARTILLERY CO.".  An elite Boston Organization.  Each letter and number has two to three brass wires.  All of this is still attached to the original leather backing.  See Figure 679, pg. 298 of American Military Headgear Insignia by Campbell and O'Donnell.  This is from the collection of James Hart.