High Grade Non Reg - Gold wash motto blade.

Item #: SJM200

High Grade, Non Regulation Staff officer with silver grip and scabbard - Gold wash motto blade.'

Made: 1861-65 / Trenton NJ
Maker: Emerson & Silver
Model: Non Regulation, Staff & Field

Condition: Excellent

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M1840 NCO Sword - Presented post war

Item #: SJM541

M 1840 NCO.  Hand chased guard, scabbard throat, drag and etched blade.  Presented to Sgt. E. McElroy of the 9th MVM in 1866.


Made: 1866 / Trenton NJ
Maker: Emerson & Silver
Model: M 1840 NCO

Condition: Good+

Price: $725 USD