eBook subscription - Swords of Honor & Regulation

Item #: ebook01

Swords of Honoor and Regulation by Kevin Hoffman - a photographic aid to identification and variations of U.S. and C.S. Swords

Made: 2011 /
Maker: Kevin Hoffman
Model: eBook

Condition: New

Price: $29 USD
M 1840 Artillery Officer Saber - French Import

Item #: SJM533

M 1840 Artillery Officer Saber - French Import.

Made: pre CW / Klingenthal France
Maker: Klingenthal Armory
Model: M 1840 Artillery Officer Saber

Condition: Fair

Price: $850 USD
Non Regulation Staff & Field Sword

Item #: JMS104

Non Regulation Staff & Field Sword.

Made: CW Period / Solingen
Maker: Horster
Model: Non Regulation Staff & Field S

Condition: Good+

Item On Hold

USMC NCO Sword/Foot Offc.  - no scabbard.

Item #: SJM560

USMC NCO Sword / Foot Offc -no scabbard.

Made: CW period / Unknown
Maker: Hortmann/Wyersburg
Model: USMC NCO / Foot Offc.

Condition: Good

Price: $475 USD