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M 1860 Staff Officer Sword - Civil War Production

M 1860 Staff Officer Sword - Civil War Production

Item #: SJM276

M 1860 Staff Officer Sword - Civil War Era. Manufacture for H. G. Hamiln of Cinn. Ohio

Year made: 1861-65
Made in: Trenton NJ / Cin. OH
Maker: Emerson & Silver
Model: M 1860 Staff Officer Sword
Size: 31 in. blade
Grade: VG-Exc

 USA/Canada - $20 per Item
 Europe - $40 per Item
 APAC - $40 per Item
 S,Cent America - $40 per Item


Price: $2,150 USD

M 1860 Staff Officer Sword - Civil War Era.  Scarce sword as most 1860 Staff swords are post war.
This model is early war as it has a horn grip as stated in the regulations. Horn grip and twisted wire are in great condition. Guard still retains some gilt in the protected areas. Reverse clam shell has hand chasing on the outer edge.  Blade has strong etch and light frost.  Obverse blade has "keystone" stamp thought to be Emerson & Silver of Trenton NJ / fan foliate / foliate / intertwined  US surrounded by foliate / foliate.  Reverse has rare retailer name of H.G. Hamlin of Cinn. Oh.(Hamlin was a nephew of Lincoln's Secretary of war) / foliate / foliate -" Victory" - fancy foliate.  Steel scabbard has hand chased throat, carry rings (single ring on both mounts), shoe drag which is a E &S trait for this model.  Steel scabbard body.  Rings demonstrate this was a carried sword that saw field service.

Hilt with horn grip and brass twisted wire

Reverse with plain counter guard but etched with slight chasing around the edge.

Pommel and knuckle bow with small round hole for saber knot.

Keystone mark on ricasso

Blade etch showing unusual foliate pattern and US

H. G. Hamlin / Cinn. / Ohio

H. G. Hamlin / Cinn. / Ohio

Scabbard mounts

Shoe Drag