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Watch chain of woven hair- Civil War era

Watch chain of woven hair- Civil War era

Item #: SJ100

Woven Hair Watch Chain

Year made: Victorian
Made in: Hand woven
Maker: Loved One
Model: Memorial
Size: 14 &1/2inch
Grade: Excellent+

 USA/Canada - $15 per Item
 Europe - $30 per Item
 APAC - $30 per Item
 S,Cent America - $30 per Item


Price: $175 USD

This Civil War period jewelry is often referred to as memorial, remembrance or mourning jewelry. These names come from the simple fact that a loved one made these items so that they would have a personal item close at hand to remember or to mourn. This watch chain is made of woven brown hair with ornate gold-filled attachments. The center drop is a side slide locket in the form of a cross. It is engraved and set with 9 turquoise stones. There is nothing inside. The hair has one area with slight fraying but strong.