M1832 Heavy Artillery with scarce PEACE eagle - Preview

The Peace Eagle stamp only appears on 1833 swords

Manufactured: Springfield, Mass.  Maker: N.P. Ames  Year: 1833  Model: Model 1832 
Size: 19 inch blade  Condition: VG-Exc 

This M1832 Heavy Artillery is dated 1833 and has the scarce "PEACE" eagle stamped over N. P. Ames / Springfield. The reverse is stamped United / States / 1833. There are no blade inspector's markings. Marked with a stamped die under the guard is: S. Huse / Newburyport along with script D.T. in an oval (Daniel Tyler). The top of the guard is inspected JM (Justin Murphy). The grip is a two piece grip with a visible center seam, well finished and 3 rivets. Black leather scabbard has a very fine back seam with the brass throat and drag held in place with tiny brass pins.

Figure Brass throat with frog stud and drag with cast brass end cap

Figure Peace eagle only found on 1833 dated swords

Figure United States 1833




Figure Fine scabbard seam and small brass pins

Figure under guard markings: S. Huse / Newburyport and DT

Figure  top of guard JM inspected

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