Nashua 1832 Foot Artillery Sword - Preview

Scarce, Nashua Artillery - Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword. Nashua, New Hampshire

Manufactured: Springfield, Mass  Maker: N.P. Ames / Cutler  Year: 1836  Model: 1832 Foot Artillery Sword 
Condition: Excellent+ 

Nashua New Hampshire model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword.   Rare sword with original, all brass scabbard.  The Nashua Artillery was a militia unit who purchased swords from Ames under the Militia Act.  Standard 1832 Artillery Sword with brass hilt. Standard cast feathers and eagle on both sides of pommel.  Inspected 1836 and JM, (Justin Murphy), on obverse ricasso.  On the underside of the guard it is inspected TW.

Great blade with clear etch.  Obverse side is stamped with: United States 1835 / JM . It is etched with: 

Tecumseh / Stand of arms with 13 stars above / followed by rays and then a flame pattern.

Reverse blade is N.P. Ames Springfield / urn with foliate / Nashua Artillery in a wreath / US Eagle w/EPU banner and 13 stars above / rays and flame pattern.  This etch pattern is 13.5 inches on the blade.  Brass scabbard is in great shape with minimal dings and has evidence of carry in the rings.

A  rare Militia sword from the mid 1830's.

Figure Hilt

Figure Reverse hilt

Figure Pommel - Note the seam showing 2 piece construction

Figure Underside of cross guard showing inspector markings. Note the seam showing 2 piece construction

Figure Overview

Figure Reverse

Figure Reverse

Figure American Eagle and N.P. Ames / Springfield Address

Figure Nashua Artillery blade etch

Figure  Tecumseh blade etch

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