1833 dated Ames Short Sword w/ Brown buff Belt - Preview

1833 dated Ames short sword - Artillery or Infantry

Manufactured: Springfield, Mass.  Maker: N. P. Ames  Year: 1833  Model: 1832 
Size: 19 1/8 inch blade  Condition:  

This Model 1832 style sword is most often referred to as a "Heavy Artillery" or Artillery short sword. It is little known that this was also the N.C.O. (non-commissioned officer) sword from 1832 until it was replaced with a new regulation N.C.O. sword model in 1840. This sword has its original white buff belt and frog with the early style 1836– U.S. interlocking belt plate.                                                                  The cast brass hilt is of fish scale design and attached to the blade by top peen and 3 iron rivets through the handle. There is a nearly perfect seam on the pommel, grip and guard showing a two piece mold was used for construction. The cross guard is clearly stamped on the underside with S. Huse / Newburyport and a single letters M and O. The top of the guard has the letter M. The wide blade measures 19 1/8 inch in length and 1.75 at the ricasso. It tapers and flairs to 1.77 at the widest point. It has a double fuller at the top both 3.68 in length and .42 in width. The lower fuller is 10 3/8 long and .43 in width. The blasé is marked with United / Stated / 1833 and the opposite side is stamped with a Federal Eagle over N. P. Ames / Springfield. The back seamed leather scabbard has a sheet brass throat and drag. The throat has a cast brass round frog stud and the drag has a cast brass oval at the very bottom that is stamped A.D.K. Both mounts are held in place with two tiny brass pins on each side. The belt is stenciled inside Boyd & Sons / Makers / Boston.

Figure Overview with brown buff belt

Figure # 5 stamped under the guard and M on the top

Figure Blade markings and S. Huse / Newburyport under the guard along with o and M

Figure buckle

Figure Boyd maker mark inside belt



Figure Frog detail

Figure  Drag detail and A.D.K. on the tip

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