Introduction - Preview

Swords have been a big part of my life going back to childhood. American swords have gone from a point of interest to a collection and as my wife often mentions---an obsession. I am going to start with the pre-Mexican War era and continue up through the American Civil War. The objective of this publication is not to replace other books in the market place. This resource is intended to aid in identification and rarity of Swords. Swords of Regulation, Non-Regulation, and even some Speculation will be included.
The lack of detailed documentation from this era makes educated speculation important. Trying to understand some features and styles that have not been conclusively documented leaves us with the task of filling in the blanks. Plans include additions from other collectors, private institutions and museums. I intend to show many of the swords I have collected, studied and handled over the past 48 years of sword collecting. This will include a compressive collection of United States swords as well as Confederate swords.
The advantage of this web publication is that additions and photos can be added, information and even values can be updated. Typos, errors and omissions can be corrected. With modern technology rapidly advancing this information can always be accessible anywhere without carrying 100 pounds of books. A simple cell phone or laptop can be your library.

A few things to remember:
1. Tubular steel, brass and copper did not exist in the civil war era. Scabbards and mounts will have seams. No seam--its--no good.---100%

2. Confederate made blades do not have a secondary fuller.---100%

3. Confederate swords were seldom stamped with a blade date ----99.5%

4. Model numbers (ie: M1860) refer to the year that the type of sword was adopted not the year it was made. Some swords were produced prior to being adopted and many were made years after. An example would be precontract M1860 cavalry sabers by Ames and Roby. The M1860 staff& field sword was not replaced until the M1902 officer sword was adopted.

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