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  • Sword Stand
    Sword Stand

    Sword Stand. This is a hand made sword stand. These are hand made by a retired military officer in Va. This is individually cut, sanded and stained. The one you see in the pics is the one you will get. As it is hand made it will have wood imperfections and construction imperfectons. Honestly, I think that is what's makes these really cool. This looks more Read More »
    Added: 02/08/18   Price: $45

  • M1840 NCO Sword - Presented post war
    M1840 NCO Sword - Presented post war

    M 1840 NCO. Hand chased guard, scabbard throat, drag and etched blade. Presented to Sgt. E. McElroy of the 9th MVM in 1866. Custom NCO with hand chased hilt and scabbard furniture. Blade is etched but do to poor storage it is pitted, worn and a little hard to make out. The Emerson and Silver Keystone mark in on the ricasso. Scabbard is leather and is very s Read More »
    Added: 12/10/17   Price: $725

  • Bailey, Banks and Biddle USMC Mameluke, 1 known
    Bailey, Banks and Biddle USMC Mameluke, 1 known

    Bailey (Bailey, Banks and Biddle) Philadelphia was not known to produce Marine Officer Swords. This is the first example known of a Mameluke by Bailey. Most contracts and orders went to Horstmann and some to Bush and a very few to Ames. These 1872 Model swords have ivory grips with circular fasteners with raised stars. The blade is 7/8 th of Read More »
    Added: 12/10/17   Price: $1,100

  • 1860 Ames Pattern Cavalry Officer Saber by S H & G
    1860 Ames Pattern Cavalry Officer Saber by S H & G

    Original Ames letters complain about importers copying their swords. This is one of those swords. It was sold by the famed New York firm of Schuyler, Hartley & Graham. The hilt has the same decoration as Ames Cavalry Officer Swords but the casting is inferior to the Ames quality. The grip is covered in Sharkskin but a little thicker than Ames. Read More »
    Added: 10/15/17   Price: $1,850


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Featured Sword Maker - Ames Mfg Co.

The N.P. Ames Company opened its doors in 1791 at their factory at Chelmsford, Massachusetts. In 1832 Nathan P. Ames signed his first contract with the United States government for Foot Artillery swords. Thus began the tradition that exists to this day at America's oldest sword manufacturer.
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Swords for Sale made by Ames Mfg Co.

M 1840 Artillery Officer Saber
M 1840 Artillery Officer Saber
M 1840 Cavalry Saber - Ames 1846
M 1840 Cavalry Saber - Ames 1846
M 1840 Engineer officer Sword
M 1840 Engineer officer Sword